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About Me

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Hi there,

My name is Andrew, a mixed methods UX researcher currently living in Los Angeles, CA. Currently, I'm working as a freelance UX researcher helping upcoming game developers advance their game projects through usability reviews and playtests within the Reddit community. 

Ever since I can remember, research has always been an integral part of my life. I've always wondered why people sought to practice empathy, why people thought in different ways, and why their actions are so much more different than what they thought. Unsurprisingly, this is what led me to study psychology. I wanted to understand what our world has seen but think about what nobody else thought to provide the grand scheme. This intricate blend of thoughts, ideologies, and emotions allows me to combine my love for research with my passion for understanding human behavior and designing experiences that resonate deeply with customers.

My journey as a UX researcher has been marked by an inquisitive pursuit of demystifying the secrets of a product to make it more captivating. As an ex-Amazonian, I have gained experience in conducting usability tests, creating surveys, and honing my quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to gain deep insights into the customer or user. Through my work, I have worked with stakeholders to create experiences that exceed expectations and championed the voice of the customer to ensure that the product would resonate deeply and leave a lasting impact on both the product and the democratization of UX research.

When I'm not doing all that tech, I'm globetrotting around the world, playing Pokemon and other games, or reading a new book. I also tend to do side projects of my interest such as gaming research of popular apps that many gamers play at the moment.

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My Journey as a Researcher

2022 - 2023

UX Researcher @ Amazon

2021 - 2022

User Design and Research Certificate (University of Michigan - Ann Arbor)

2018 - 2020

University of California, Berkeley

- Co-led 2 key research projects to improve Amazon associates' performance by utilizing UMUX surveys through Qualtrics and JTBD frameworks.

- Conducted concept tests with over 20 Amazon employees to improve employee coaching software UI requirements through cross-functional collaboration between engineering, product, and UX team

- Developed 20+ non-stakeholder materials to guide non-researchers to learn about the importance of UX Research and propel UX maturity

- Led user interviews and conducted usability tests for airline website improvements

- Created different wireframes and prototypes to engage in design principles for new user interfaces, such as Discord and Alaska Airlines

- Studied psychology in Bachelor's route

- Participated in two laboratories to analyze qualitative data involving emotional regulation and stress biology

- Created user pre-tests to assess the qualification of the study's goal demographic

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